“What Problem Are We Trying To Solve?”

It’s our favorite question.  And for good reason.  As a leading technology consulting company, we know that business and technology move fast.  Sometimes faster than your ability to stay up-to-date.  Problems surface as new ideas flow in and out of your conference room.  Some never leave the white board.  Those are the problems we help solve

Oakwood Strengths

  • We work with all sized companies, Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500
  • Offering flexible engagement options and line-level disciplines to suit your needs
  • We’ll partner alongside your IT, marketing and 3rd party agency teams
  • Have proudly served over 11,000 clients since 1981 and counting
  • Happy to be recognized as a Top 50 Microsoft Partner
  • Creating new business outcomes tied to bottom-line results
  • Improving key areas of your customer relationships and experiences

Getting Started

Let’s have a discussion, learn about your organization and build a road map to help you achieve success.

Anne Butler | Sales Support | General Questions
Anne will gather your pain points and help get your engagement started

Charles Windsor | President & CEO
Charles will help move those critical projects off your whiteboard and to completion with the right consultants

Sales and Business Services
800-810-8412 (24-Hour Sales)


We passionately deliver business technology solutions that propel our clients to achieve their strategic objectives.  At Oakwood, we see a future where your success, advanced by our solutions, is so profound that you become our most powerful advocate.  Our team is driven to excel, accountable for quality results, and recognized for their contributions.  We see a future where our competitors can no longer compete against us.

 Core Values

We encourage responsible risk taking to find bold solutions

We foster personal and professional growth

Hard work is our foundation and humor is our mortar

Actively seek opportunities to help our clients, our team, and ourselves through knowledge sharing, volunteering and participation in community events

It’s our firm belief that helping others is a participatory sport

Inspired to push outside our comfort zone, we eagerly thank those who motivate us to take that risk

We encourage everyone to lead through their attitude and approach