Message from Oakwood's President & CEO

Welcome!  Our enthusiasm and passion for technology and how it affects business cannot possibly come across in this website, but our vision says it all – “we passionately deliver business solutions that propel our clients to achieve their strategic objectives.”  I get energized every time I read it, and from my interactions with other members of our team, I know our vision energizes us all.  We are passionate – and absolutely committed to providing our clients with exceedingly well-managed engagements that deliver actual business results. 

It’s not often an organization like ours can lay claim to a heritage of more than a quarter of a century, but indeed, Oakwood was founded in 1981 and our historical perspective is an asset to our clients today.  Our team continues to get stronger as we conquer new challenges in partnership with our clients all over the country.

A quarter century from now, we will have different challenges in technology, business, and the human interface - and Oakwood will be meeting these challenges with the same passion, tenacity, and commitment to service for our clients and our team members that we have today!



 Oakwood's Management Team