Digital Transformation

Over the past 20 years, digital technologies have altered lives and the corporate landscape in ways largely un-imagined during the early days of the Internet

Agile Principles

Transform your organization by focusing on agility.  Practice these 12 agile principles and your organization will flourish!

Agile Principle #1 – Our highest priority is

Virtual Reality

Oftentimes, you’ll hear about virtual reality and augmented reality in the same sentence, as though they’re the same technologies, but there are some very important,

Cloud Migration

The cloud!  Well, we see cloudy skies ahead.  Why is that?  As companies head toward the cloud, it’s changing much more than just where companies’

At one point or another, we’ve all been frustrated by poor UX. This is especially true in enterprise software, where applications are expected to be

oakwood cybersecurity company

In today’s economy, businesses cannot afford to operate without an online presence. On the other hand, the moment you expand your reach into “the cloud,”

Cloud-Native Solution

While cloud-based development has quickly become the norm in today’s business landscape, making the transition to the cloud can still seem like a daunting task.

Cloud Implementation

Cloud implementation.  Sexy, huh?  There’s an old adage that carpenters always use: Measure twice, cut once. While carpenters mean this in a literal sense, the

DevOps Culture

Need to create a Dev Ops culture.  Sounds easy, right?  From a purely technical perspective, the divide between your development team and your operations team

Predictive Data Analytics

To win and retain customers in 2017, companies will need to fine-tune their competencies in using data and predictive analytics to develop actionable insights.  That’s

Office 365 Installations By Oakwood

Let’s talk about advanced cybersecurity controls with Office 365.  We call it modernized security.  Who is ready?  Here we go!  Recently, Oakwood cybersecurity expert Ken

Key CyberSecurity Threats

Cyber security threats represent the greatest challenge to information management. Here are three common cyber security threat tactics in play today:

Tactic Number One: Spear

Social Media Metrics That Matter

Do you know what the social media metrics that really matter are?  As big data continues to be a big deal for businesses, many marketing

Social Engineering

Social Engineering 2015 marked an important year in the world of network security. For the first time, social engineering attacks outnumbered attacks on software vulnerabilities

Happy Thanksgiving - Thankful

For many, the word “Thanksgiving” evokes images of family reunions, turkey with stuffing, pumpkin pie, and of course, gratitude. In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving