Amsted Rail

Business Situation

Amsted Rail builds everything from wheels, axles and bearings to brake systems, bogies, bolsters and more. Whether you need components or integrated systems, global tracking technology or performance analytics, Amsted Rail has the answers.

Amsted Rail had a large line of business application responsible for capturing quality assurance metrics on all products before they can be shipped. The solution became cumbersome to maintain and prevented the team from keeping pace with business demands.

Business Challenges

  • A need to use modern tooling and frameworks to reduce the time investment associated with developing
    new features
  • Business logic distributed across multiple programming languages and locations making it difficult to identify which tiers of the application would be impacted by a new request
  • Lack of unit tests which allowed new features and updates to introduce regression defects on new releases
  • Knowing there were risks tied to requesting new features the business became hesitant and afraid to perform releases depending on the scope of the change.

Key Deliverables

  • Development of a new solution using modern frameworks and technologies
  • During migration, unit tests were created to improve the quality of the solution by preventing changes from having undetected unintentional consequences
  • Multiple sessions with the IT and business teams to review wireframes and discuss each change before it was developed and implemented
  • Oakwood built estimates, clearly communicated the technical impact of each decisions, led the task management process, implemented code changes and unit tests
  • Constant IT team updates by surfacing risks and issues and remediation strategies
  • Demonstrations with business users to iteratively re-align the development with the business
  • Established new business goals through the guidance of best practices for application development


  • A more flexible solution through the use of modern software tooling and frameworks.
  • Implementation of features using Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Better feedback with the business led to the generation of a product more closely aligned with the business goals

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