Maritz | Business Situation

Implementing new technologies, covering multiple Maritz business areas, was becoming a huge company organizational challenge.  Those business units include Accounting, IT, Sales, Client Relations, Management, and more.  As new technologies were implemented, the struggle of managing each of those environments became more difficult. Faced with organizational objectives of moving to a company-wide standard, Maritz decided it was time to seek out a service to provide oversight and management of their SharePoint environment.

The transition from internal support to external Managed Services allowed Maritz to decrease management and the cost of their current environment and increased expertise.  More importantly, it offered a worry-free managed services environment for 24/7/365 monitoring and oversight of their SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments.


Oakwood Application Managed Services worked with the company deploying monitoring agents to their current environment. To create a clear transition away from the Maritz internal support team, a baseline of their supporting infrastructure was developed and controlled by the Oakwood Managed Services Team. With the ongoing support of Oakwood IT professionals, the company focuses more intently on day-to-day activities.  Most of all, Maritz enjoys company-wide peace of mind, knowing that their internal systems are being comfortably supported.


  • Internal cost savings through reduced overhead
  • Access to Oakwood resources, staff, more capacity and industry-leading resources
  • Reduced stress of managing the existing internal environment
  • Greater agility, quality, and consistency
  • Optimization of existing capabilities
  • Enhancement of current processes, intelligent infrastructure, and architectural improvements

Managed Services Benefits

The transition from internal support to external Managed Services allowed Maritz to decrease management/cost of their current environment, increased expertise, and 24/7 monitoring of their SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments.

Going Forward

Thanks in part to the successful deployment of  SharePoint Managed Services and Maritz and Oakwood continued their trusted partnership into the next steps which will include Management of SharePoint Applications.

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