The Power of Backing Up in Azure

Data has never been more critical to your enterprise as it transforms in this digital world. Azure Backup helps you retain rapidly increasing amounts of data while keeping storage costs low. It makes it easy for you to backup and restore your most important information when the unexpected happens. As […]

Interested in a 212% ROI?

When you think about switching from running and housing your SQL Server on-premises to Azure, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the infrastructure maintenance savings. But what about hidden savings? Like efficiency savings for your IT team and database admins? Or the freedom to expand your capacity […]

We get it. Change is scary!

We get it. Change is scary. If you’ve been running the same operating system for many years, a large-scale overhaul is understandably intimidating. However, with service ending for SQL and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, now is the time to make the switch to Azure and experience the latest […]

Move Forward Securely with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

When thousands of hospitals, health systems, community practices, and pharmaceutical companies rely on your software to deliver smarter, more effective patient care, you had better make sure it’s secure and reliable. That’s why Allscripts, a leading healthcare software manufacturer, uses Microsoft Azure.  Having a reliable and secure IT service provider […]

Azure Database Migration

The cost of maintaining on-premises infrastructure is weighing you down. Eliminate it by switching to Azure.

Drive secure and scalable business success with a modern data platform

If you really want to make a difference in your organization, you can start by modernizing your IT infrastructure. That’s what Kyle began with when he started to work for the City of Corona. He worked hard to help the citizens of Corona by moving the city’s IT services to […]

Microsoft 365: Bringing Intelligent Security To Business

We are living at an Inflection Point. Digital transformation is the biggest change any of us has seen in our lifetime. Companies invest in technology to optimize operations, transform products, engage customers, and empower employees. The challenge is to find a finding the way to empower people to do their […]

Assessing Cloud Value – The Nimbus Framework

Talking today about Nimbus.  Hey, don't freak out!  We are only talking about the cloud.  One of the most frequent questions we are asked about the cloud, and specifically Azure, is the standard “What's in it for me?”  While this is a good question, the only answer that is consistently […]

The Value of the Cloud Webinar

Thinking about migrating to the cloud?  Enjoy this video.  It's a no-nonsense business discussion that cuts through vendor marketing fluff and gets to the bottom of how the cloud can impact your organization. In this discussion, we cover basic cloud terminology, market trends, technical value, business value, and a few […]

Microsoft CloudOS: Enabling the Next Generation of IT – Video and Slidedeck

How much do you really know about the Microsoft Operating System?  To take advantage of the vast possibilities the cloud offers, IT Departments need to transform the data center. This should be done by rethinking old processes while continuing to leverage existing skills and resources.  In this session, we are going […]

Why Don’t We Have A Cloud Service Line?

The cloud service line.  Are you familiar with it?  We all like to believe that we’re unique, but Oakwood is similar to many systems integrators in the country. Like others, we offer services related to systems management, infrastructure automation, data management, business intelligence and data services, communication and collaboration such […]

Is a Cloud Solution Right For Your Business?

By now you're probably hear about a cloud solution opportunity and are aware that the cloud is no longer an “if” for your business, but a “when”. Moving to the cloud may present some difficulties within your organization as you assess migration options. It can certainly be an overwhelming task, however, […]