No Competitive Differentiators For Our Custom Development Practice

You probably catch yourself saying to your significant other once or twice a day “So, what can Oakwood do for you?”  We don’t have a unique competitive difference for our custom development practice. We’ve been discussing, arguing, debating, brainstorming, and otherwise dissecting the issue for a long time. During our […]

The Problem with Infrastructure Operations Managing Applications

For many organizations, infrastructure operations are responsible for running hardware infrastructure associated with the application platform.  The application manager is in charge of managing the application, which includes functional configurations that support all of the underlying business processes.  Most of the time, the application owners are responsible for user management, […]

Aspect Oriented Programming In MVC

Sit back and relax.  We are going to get technical.  Ready?  Much like recursion, Aspect Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm for solving problems from a different perspective. The goal of this approach is to create reusable code which solves solution-wide concerns. The end result of investments in Aspect Oriented Programming are […]

A Mobile Application Brainstorm – Go

Do you accept the proposition that every business should have a mobile application?  Part of your acceptance is the acknowledgment that the user community is carrying around hand-sized computers on which they sometimes have telephone conversations.  However, many businesses have not yet made the leap from their particular business model […]

Azure Development Team Training

It’s amazing to us the number of customers over the years who told us they couldn’t dare become an Azure Development Team. They are web or mobile developers.  They could not justify investing the time it takes to retrain their developers to build solutions for the Azure platform.  What’s going […]

Intelligent Apps Saves On Wasted Service Costs

Worried about wasted service costs?  Makes sense.  Everyone wants to save money.  It’s the simple things that impact the bottom line, like service costs.  To see this, just follow the paper trail. Understanding how money flows through an organization provides a very clear view into ways to improve the company. […]

Application Development Lessons from the 90’s

Who is ready to party like it’s 1999 and who remembers anything from the 90’s, especially application development lessons?  What about user experience?  No one was talking about that back then, right?  It’s the simple things that make us better.  Let’s talk about the days of outdated technology, shall we? […]

A Faster Website In 4 Lines Of Code

Want a faster website?  Studies show that slow websites can drive traffic away from your website and directly to your competitors. Performance tweaks are available for every application in varying degrees of ROI. Fortunately, there is an easy way to improve the speed of your ASP.NET website in just 4 […]

The State of the Developer Nation: Mobile Platform Wars

Who is ready for mobile platform wars?  A report conducted by Vision Mobile features the latest trends in platforms, languages, and tools that app developers are using and how much money they’re making. The report includes responses to an initial survey of more than 10,000 app developers in 137 countries. […]

Xamarin Raises $54 Million in Funding For Its Mobile Application Development Tools

Xamarin Inc. announced last week that it raised a $54 million Series C round. The funds will be allocated to its mobile application development tool offerings, as well as towards expanding its sales and marketing teams. Great enterprise uptake and a strong partnership with investors, including Charles River Ventures, Floodgate […]

Beginner’s Guide To AngularJS

Welcome to a Beginner’s Guide To AngularJs.  AngularJS, commonly referred to as simply Angular, is a structural framework, developed by Google, to create highly dynamic web applications. Angular hooks directly into HTML’s syntax to allow your application’s components, making it extremely easy to add Angular to an existing website or […]

Using External Authentication Providers to Secure Your Apps

A struggle that many web developers face is how to secure your apps. While it is pretty straightforward to develop some sort of username/password authentication, it becomes much more complex when considering self-service account maintenance. Things like registering, changing or resetting passwords, maintaining names, email addresses, etc. can all ramp […]