Digital Transformation

Azure Database Migration

The cost of maintaining on-premises infrastructure is weighing you down. Eliminate it by switching to Azure.

Agile Transformation For An Insurance Provider

OVERVIEW A large insurance provider in the Northeastern US decided to implement an Agile Transformation initiative across their organization, as part of the implementation of a new policy provisioning system. CHALLENGE The Operations department were using a number of time intensive manual tasks to process client applications.  The Business and […]

Digital Transformation Within Hospitality – A Mobile First Case Study

Digital transformation within the hospitality industry has begun to push innovation in the mobile technology space. As a result, user experience and customer loyalty have become more important than ever before. Customers want to quickly make decisions and act upon them…all while on-the-go. Simple responsive websites are not enough to […]

Designing the Consumer Experience (Physical and Digital)

A quality consumer experience means everything.  As consumers, we often don't think about the importance of a great consumer experience.  As businesses, it is everything we should be thinking about.  Isn't it all about the customer?  Recently, an article by PSFK outlined some of the takeaways from the retail conference. […]

The Business Potential of IT Transformation

No one thinks of IT as a back-office support department—now everyone looks to IT as an integral part of overall strategy. But where should CIOs begin? First, they need to think beyond their own experiences and domain expertise and begin viewing IT through a wider operational and strategic lens. Deloitte University […]