Microsoft Office 365

Drive secure and scalable business success with a modern data platform

If you really want to make a difference in your organization, you can start by modernizing your IT infrastructure. That’s what Kyle began with when he started to work for the City of Corona. He worked hard to help the citizens of Corona by moving the city’s IT services to […]

MS Office 365 – It May Be Time To Look

Wondering about Office 365 benefits.   Time to consider it?  We agree!  And, we have you covered.  Let's jump into the world of online applications.  It hasn't been without challenges.  The launch of Business Productivity Online Suite, or BPOS, may have been too much, too fast, considering that it was seemingly […]

Office 365 Promo to Expire Shortly, Regeneration Expected

We had a client tell us yesterday that the current pricing promotion for Microsoft Office 365 is too good to ignore.  Office 365 is being used by some of the largest enterprises in the world (CapGemini, American Red Cross), and it is most definitely an enterprise-class solution.  To lower the […]

Office 365 Hybrid Deployment; Get Prepared!!

Hybrid deployment?  What exactly is it?  Over the last several months we have worked on many Office 365 deployment projects. In some cases, they can be straightforward, but most commonly they are not. This seems to hold particularly true for hybrid deployments.  This is especially true if there are several […]

Dismantling an Office 365 Hybrid Deployment

Recently we dismantled an Office 365 Hybrid Deployment. In this scenario, we had a hybrid with SSO deployed but hadn’t started migrating users. We were signed up in the v14 tenant and wanted to start deploying Exchange 2013 in our organization, but that’s not a compatible configuration. The solution was […]

Office 365 Managed Services

The Business Office 365 value proposition is greater reliability, security, and productivity at less cost than on-premise server infrastructure or applications.  Office 365 is a hosted offering for Software as a Service (SaaS) providing portals and applications for administrators and end-users. It combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions […]

Busting Office 365 Myths

Ready for some Office 365 myths?  Here we go.  Microsoft has paved the way for Office 365 and its components to become part of computing infrastructure. The good news is that these new technologies create a better, more efficient way for teams to work together. This can result in better […]

Microsoft Now Publishing Office 365 Roadmap

Who needs an Office 365 roadmap?  I do!  Microsoft has recently announced the publication of an Office 365 road map to give customers a glimpse at what is coming down the Pike.  For you bleeding edge folks, they're offering a first release program to allow you early adoption of features […]

Office 365: When is Email Gone For Good?

Here is something interesting around the Office 365 Email category.  We often get questions from clients asking about deleted items in Exchange Online. There seems to be some lingering confusion about how long a deleted item persists, who can see it, and when it can be recovered. So, I thought […]

Office 365 Compliance and Regulations

What does Office 365 compliance mean to you?  If you're in a highly regulated industry like a lot of our clients you might have some real challenges with everything to do with the cloud.  Good news!  Office 365, which includes cloud-based services, is being put in a bucket with “cloud” […]

Top 7 Email Tips and Tricks from my Time at Microsoft

Need our top e-mail tricks?  We have you covered.  Working at a company with over 100,000 of your best friends teaches you NOT to Reply All to e-mails. Here are those e-mail tips and tricks. If you have your top email tricks, please share them with your neighbor! Be Polite […]