Digital Transformation Within Hospitality – A Mobile First Case Study

Digital transformation within the hospitality industry has begun to push innovation in the mobile technology space. As a result, user experience and customer loyalty have become more important than ever before. Customers want to quickly make decisions and act upon them…all while on-the-go. Simple responsive websites are not enough to […]

A Mobile Application Brainstorm – Go

Do you accept the proposition that every business should have a mobile application?  Part of your acceptance is the acknowledgment that the user community is carrying around hand-sized computers on which they sometimes have telephone conversations.  However, many businesses have not yet made the leap from their particular business model […]

Mobile Commerce Revenue Increases Over Digital

Gartner, Inc predicts that by 2017, US customers' mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue in the US to 50 percent of US digital commerce revenue. A recent Gartner survey found that mobile commerce currently generates 22 percent of digital commerce revenue. What's Going On? “Some sectors will migrate […]

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite | Secure | Productive

Unsecured company data can cost millions in lost research, regulatory fines, or litigation settlements, but protecting your information shouldn’t make it harder for workers to get their jobs done.  Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) helps reduce security risks and enables workers to be more productive. With features like identity and […]