Microsoft 365: Bringing Intelligent Security To Business

We are living at an Inflection Point. Digital transformation is the biggest change any of us has seen in our lifetime. Companies invest in technology to optimize operations, transform products, engage customers, and empower employees. The challenge is to find a finding the way to empower people to do their […]

Managing Database Versioning & Releases With RMS

Let's talk a little RMS.  As with all enterprise applications, a database sits in the back quietly storing and processing our data.  As with all applications, there is always progress to be made and changes to affect. This isn’t limited to just code changes in our application, our data structures […]

Hybrid Identity Management: Empowering Users While Protecting Corporate Data

Ready to learn about hybrid identity management?  You've been charged with the responsibility of protecting company applications and data while empowering a workforce to be productive from any device, from any location with an internet connection. That's no easy task, especially considering the massive data breaches big corporations have fallen […]

How to Securely Store Passwords

Have you thought much about how to securely store passwords?  Having users create an account for a website is a very common process these days. Many social websites accomplish this by tying into Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts with OAuth. Internal enterprise website sites are more likely to do something […]

Investigating the Security is Hard Mantra

Security is hard.  As one of the many companies who have been in the news recently.  Every developer has heard this many times and many have taken them to heart with little question. But with the recent versions of the .NET Framework, many of these security tasks have become rather […]

Ransomware Background and Protection

Ransomware is malicious software.  It is covertly installed on a victim’s computer.  The intent is to hold your computer and files for ransom, as a result, rendering them unusable until you pay a ransom fee.  We understand how to identify where vulnerabilities are and approaches to mitigate having to pay […]

Amateurs Hack Systems. Professionals Hack People.

Social Engineering 2015 marked an important year in the world of network security. For the first time, social engineering attacks outnumbered attacks on software vulnerabilities and exploits. This is a serious problem. Since January 2015, the number of victims identified by the FBI has increased 270%, costing businesses more than […]

Top Cybersecurity Threat Tactics You Need to Know About

Cybersecurity threat tactics are changing all the time.  Protecting your information is the single greatest challenge to information management. It seems every week we hear about another attack on a large company.  The hackers are getting smarter.  Protection is critical.  Everyone and every company is vulnerable. Cybersecurity Threat Tactics | […]

Office 365 | Modernized Security Controls

Let's talk about advanced cybersecurity controls with Office 365.  We call it modernized security.  Who is ready? Here we go!  Identity is the new security boundary. For many decades, boundaries were dictated by traditional firewalls or routers. That was a simple life. Today, proper identity management is key to securing […]

Protecting Your Company With Cybersecurity

Ready for your cybersecurity assessment?  In today’s economy, businesses cannot afford to operate without an online presence. On the other hand, the moment you expand your reach into “the cloud,” even if you limit your digital activity to email and a simple website, your private data becomes a target for […]

How To Avoid Phishing Attacks In Outlook and 0365

Brandon Vigliarolo and Tech Republic, a leading technology publication, provide us a compelling overview of how to avoid phishing attacks.  The world of cyber-criminals is attacking the simplest forms of internet usage, your email, and O365 software applications. Avoiding Phishing Attacks Cyber-criminals have turned to phishing. It's easy, you can […]