Microsoft SQL Server

We get it. Change is scary!

We get it. Change is scary. If you’ve been running the same operating system for many years, a large-scale overhaul is understandably intimidating. However, with service ending for SQL and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, now is the time to make the switch to Azure and experience the latest […]

When Was the Last Time You Upgraded SQL Server?

Upgrade your SQL Server.  But how?  It’s kind of like that college class you hated but was necessary to take in order to graduate. The homework was awful so you kept putting it off until the last minute.  In the case of SQL Server, you may have systems that are […]

Broken SQL, Broken Company: A Client Story

Everyone has head about SQL Server.  We share client stories in the hope that something will spark something, cause someone to take some action, or otherwise turn on a light bulb to alleviate some sort of corporate darkness (ha), and this story is, frankly, filled with corporate darkness – the […]

SQL Server: To Compress or Not to Compress, That Is the Question

Are you ready to have some fun with SQL Server compression?  Come on, let's party!  As with all things in life, you seek solutions based on a need SQL Server is no different.  That said, compression is no different than anything else in life – a solution based on a […]

Best Practices for SQL Server in Azure

Most of the typical items that DBAs will hit in tuning out a server for SQL Server hold true in Azure. The three major spots you will usually focus on are OS configurations, storage configurations, and SQL Server instance configurations.  These are generalizations and, as your workload demands, there may […]

SQL Memory Internal Clock Hands

Let's talk about SQL Internal Memory.  OK, not your favorite subject but I have something interesting to share.  I had an issue recently that required me to be digging quite heavily into the memory internals, specifically to leverage clock hands to identify memory pressure. This is a topic that has […]

Gartner Calls Microsoft a Leader in Database Management

Check out this brief Microsoft video and see why SQL Server outshines others in the database management space. SQL Server Outshines Others Benefits • Affordability, with everything built-in • Security—most secure six years in a row • Performance, at a fraction of the cost Database Management Conclusion Don’t just take […]