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Does Every Organization Need To Be A Best Place to Work?

Do you have a great IT group that is helping to make your company a better place to work?  Here comes the survey so you can sign up your company as the greatest place in the world to work.  Every organization is on a quest to hire and retain the best […]

Every Person Affects the Bottom Line

“Undercover Boss,” if you haven't seen it, is a TV show where the head of a big organization goes undercover as a worker, learning from his own unknowing employees and discovering where “corporate” may have missed the mark.  It's a cool show, but I wish it were longer than one […]

Employee Portal | What Drives Strategy for Success?

Are you considering a revamp of your existing Employee Portal? First of all, the concept of an Employee Portal aligns well with SharePoint, especially 2013. Aside from being simply the “landing page” for an organization, a well-architected portal can drive strategic engagement, and finally, ultimately resulting in a stronger ROI. […]

Organizational Change Management Facilitated by SharePoint

Oakwood has long-standing expertise with affecting and facilitating organizational change management (OCM), primarily around significant IT initiatives within large organizations with many business units involved.  Oakwood has also worked with several organizations who did not understand the need to invest in OCM and have had less-than-desired results from project implementations.   […]

How We Reduced A Client’s Operating Costs

Everyone wants to reduce operating costs.  All over the web, TV, & social media, we see companies touting the savings that can be had from a few minutes of your time. Seldom are these statements viable, but their darn catchy slogans.  However, in some cases adding a little bit of time […]

Rethinking the Creative Process to Solve Problems and Spark a Revolution

Whether you identify yourself as a technical evangelist, a business entrepreneur or as the next Michelangelo – we all use the same creative process to guide us in our decision making. However, our different life experiences can dictate how efficiently we utilize the creative process and can shape how we make […]

Mobile Commerce Revenue Increases Over Digital

Gartner, Inc predicts that by 2017, US customers' mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue in the US to 50 percent of US digital commerce revenue. A recent Gartner survey found that mobile commerce currently generates 22 percent of digital commerce revenue. What's Going On? “Some sectors will migrate […]

Ready for iGen or Gen Z?

Goodbye Gen-Y.  Hello Gen-Z and iGen?  While I'm not sure all the talk on Millennials did much to change the world of business, even though it should in many regards, it appears that everyone is tired of hearing about this generation already.  While many of the things you hear about Millennials/Gen-Y […]

Is Outdated Technology Holding Your Business Back?

A local commercial banking and financial services firm realized the use of outdated software was having a detrimental effect on the way they did business.  The firm used the outdated software everyday, and it was the only technology they had ever used on the job. They had been exhausted by […]

My Customers Are Wasting Their Data

Reports that leverage data that is days or weeks old doesn't cut it anymore and many aren't considering real-time data.  If you aren't looking at real-time data and using it to make quick business decisions, you're behind the curve. Real-Time Data | Making Informed Decisions Forget SSRS, SSIS, Crystal Reports, […]

Top 7 Email Tips and Tricks from my Time at Microsoft

Need our top e-mail tricks?  We have you covered.  Working at a company with over 100,000 of your best friends teaches you NOT to Reply All to e-mails. Here are those e-mail tips and tricks. If you have your top email tricks, please share them with your neighbor! Be Polite […]

The 5 Best Tech TED Talks

We all have a favorite TED Talk that makes us feel ready to take over the world after 18 minutes.  The mission of the TED organization is spreading ideas in the form of these inspirational talks, and the TED YouTube channel has a total of 81,304 videos to choose from. […]