cloud infrastructure

You’ve at a key technology decision point: when do I migrate to the cloud?  Who helps you get there? Oakwood is the answer.  We provide the expertise and execution ability so you can achieve the many benefits of cloud migration.  The cloud offers an opportunity for a new era of digital agility.  You’ll be able to provision and deploy new business applications on top of your legacy investments.  Another added benefit – free up your IT budget to drive innovation.

Our suite of cloud infrastructure solutions below showcases our ability to solve your problems.  Take a look, decide which ones you need in your organization, contact us, and let’s start working together!


  • Service Delivery and Automation
    Service Delivery Automation

    On-demand service provisioning and configuration

  • Operational Intelligence
    Operational Intelligence

    Gain insights into asset and application health, including business continuity assurance

  • Systems Management
    Systems Management

    Enable user device configuration and application presentation over all devices

  • Dynamic Data Center
    Dynamic Data Center

    Create flexible data center solutions, including virtual infrastructure and hybrid clouds

  • Directory Services
    Directory Services

    Provide user authentication across platforms

  • User Provisioning
    User Provisioning

    Allow user and resource on-boarding and off-boarding according to business rules

The Forecast?  Cloudy Skies Ahead

No sunshine for the foreseeable future?  That’s a good thing.  It’s time for a cloud migration.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Our experts are ready to support this big step from an in-depth discovery process to a complete implementation.  You’ve found the right partner in Oakwood.  We have the depth of services and knowledge at your disposal.  The forecast calls for clouds.  That’s a good thing!