Digital Workplace

Welcome To The Digital Workplace!

You’ve at a key technology decision point: am I maximizing all the digital capabilities I need to stay up-to-date and move the business forward? Who helps you get there? Oakwood is the answer.  We provide the expertise and execution ability so you can be on the cutting-edge of digital.  From mobile device management to bring your own device services, we understand how important the digital workplace is for your customers.

Our suite of digital solutions below showcases our ability to solve your problems.  Take a look, decide which ones you need in your organization, contact us, and let’s start working together!

Digital Workplace Services

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Enterprise Mobility

Connect and enable your workforce to access line of business applications, tools and technology anywhere, anytime


BYOD (Bring You Own Device)

Secure all personal and company devices while allowing for personal preferences for a more engaged workforce

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Centrally managed all devices from one agile, secure, mobile administrative platform

Cloud Share

Cloud Share

Track, store, and organize ideas in one spot.  Capture and access ideas and to-do lists in one place, wherever you are, from any device.

Email, Group Conversations and Personalized Content

Email, Group Conversations, and Personalized Content

Work together with an intelligent learning platform with one place to manage projects, email, connect and share documents, conversations and ideas

Business Communication Suite

Business Communication Suite

Utilize a secure, mobile communication platform for online meetings, video conferencing, document collaboration, chat, voice and more

SharePoint Platform and Intranet Platform

Internet And Intranet Collaboration Platform

Utilize SharePoint for workflow, collaboration, and document management.  Store, sync and share files easily by extending the power of SharePoint with Yammer.

Identity Management

Identity Management

Secure your workforce credentials.  Add new capabilities with a complete tool suite that keeps your identity central, safe and easy to administer

Why Not Us?

We are standing by and ready to serve your digital workplace needs!  Technology, solutions, and support. We do it all. The result? Empower your employees to do business anywhere. A consistent experience across all devices. Easier remote access.  Greater peace of mind.  Faster response to your customer needs.  Win more sales. Set your business apart.  Those are your digital goals.  And Oakwood will help get you there.