Digital Capabilities

Digital – We Get It

The ever-changing world of digital requires a leadership and implementation team that follows the micro and macro trends of this critical category.  That’s Oakwood.  Our robust suite of solutions attacks all the critical areas of the digital landscape.  We are not going to replace your team, rather, we will work collaboratively to assess then develop.  Let’s elevate you to the top!


  • Digital Strategy
    Digital Strategy

    Digital technology is the disrupter of all things well-established.  We help you to wreak havoc in your industry.

  • Web Design
    Web Design

    Web design is no longer about desktop – consider all devices including wearables, mobile, tablets and TV.

  • Customer Journey
    Customer Journey

    Engage us for a strategic vision to optimize every customer touchpoint – both physical and digital.

  • Personalization
    Personalization & Behavioral Targeting

    Connect with customers by personalizing products and services for a unique Business to Person (B2Me) engagement.

  • UX Experience Design
    UX / Experience Design

    Add proven design methodologies that deliver a better omni-device experience for your customers.

  • CMS
    Content Strategy and CMS Development

    From custom CMS development to architecting large builds, we see beyond code-colored glasses.

  • eCRM Integration
    eCRM Integration

    Integrate your marketing toolset with CRM platforms; for leads, marketing automation, social and other platforms.

  • Commerce and Marketing Platform
    Commerce and Marketing Platform

    Connect, orchestrate, and engage online. We equip your business for the best buying experience possible.

  • SEO / SEM / PPC / Digital Advertising
    SEO / SEM / PPC / Digital Advertising

    Optimize your digital spend to ensure you’re in front of the right customer, at the right time, with the right message.

  • Campaign Strategy
    Campaign Strategy

    Bring an omni-channel strategy to life.  Multi-variate and A/B testing, rapid page deployments, analytics and more.

  • Social Strategy
    Social Strategy

    We go way beyond Facebook and Twitter.  It’s about understanding how to use social to drive engagement.

  • Mobile Strategy
    Mobile Strategy

    Are you focusing your brand experience for all devices?  Wearables, GPS, and digital canvases.  Devices must be adaptive to discover the user’s objective and adjust accordingly.

Your Agency Partner | Liaison | In-house IT and Marketing


We are your partner to agencies and in-house marketing teams. You have the best branding and creative teams already hard at work. But who is handling your technical and digital strategy? We have unparalleled domain knowledge.  Making things work better with marketing, technology and IT.  Building tools and systems that IT and marketing can easily manage.  Let’s get started!

Why Oakwood Digital?

We are strategists, analysts, UX die-hards, developers, designers and tech geeks who know, love and obsess over making the customer experience second to none.

  • Experience our unique approach to delivering innovation
  • A laser focus on business value over technical requirements
  • We form the marriage of CMO and CIO
  • Oakwood team members are tool and technology agnostic
  • We act as your guide for the tools you need
  • Oakwood brings big ideas and unique omni-channel campaigns to life
  • Skilled at SEO result improvement and consumer behavior patterns
  • We’ll work with your brand or digital agency, and we will not try to replace them
  • You get a team that is committed delivering high-impact, bottom line growth