Cloud Infrastructure

Create a people-centric, intelligent Infrastructure-as-a-Service with improved security, storage, identity and management of your Hybrid/Cloud infrastructure – all while decreasing costs.

IaaS Capabilities

  • Service Delivery and Automation

    Service Delivery & Automation

    Enable on-demand service provisioning and configuration.

  • Operational Intelligence

    Operational Intelligence

    Gain insights into asset and application health, including business continuity assurance.

  • Systems Management

    Systems Management

    Enable user device configuration and app presentation over a wide range of devices.

  • Dynamic Datacenter

    Dynamic Datacenter

    Create flexible datacenter solutions, including virtualized infrastructure and hybrid clouds.

  • Directory Services
    Directory Services

    Provide user authentication across platforms.

  • Desc

    User Provisioning

    Allow user and resource onboarding and offboarding according to business rules.

The Power of Certainty

Whether you are ramping up to meet the demands of Big Data, satisfying the requirements of mobility, or developing a cost allocation framework, our consulting and managed services teams are at the ready to apply our expertise to your challenges. When the right choice proves elusive we bring the power of certainty.

Intelligent Interactions

Combine the insights of Business Intelligence with Intelligent Infrastructure and leading edge application technology that allows you to know and cater to your customers. Are you bringing the best possible value to your customer every time you interact? Find out how to deliver a digital to physical experience to your customers utilizing intelligent technology and processes.

Merger or Acquisition?

When an organization grows by acquiring other companies or merging with other organizations, there are unique challenges presented to the IT group as well as to the organization as a whole.  The most important questions perhaps, are these:

  • How quickly will customers see the acquisition as a benefit to them?
  • How quickly will the organization realize the benefits it planned on when deciding to move forward with the acquisition or merger?