Leadership Team

Charles Windsor
President | CEO
Welcome to Oakwood Systems. We've been helping businesses just like yours accomplish the most challenging business problems. Oakwood is a classic IT services consulting business focused on the digital, managed services and infrastructure sectors. You'll benefit from a tremendously talented group of consultants who continue to pass the test with challenging onsite and remote engagements. Technology has been changing rapidly. How has this impacted your company? Fortunately, Oakwood has stayed ahead of those changes, bringing innovation, thought leadership, discipline, and solid delivery-led execution to thousands of clients locally, nationally and internationally.
Tonja Hilton
VP | Finance and Administration
Hello and thank you for visiting us. Companies that we proudly serve need specific expertise. With our technology resource talent pool, we bring the highest level of expertise to our clients. Our teams hit the ground running, and in the end, their work has a direct impact on your profitability, customer growth, and retention. Many clients stay with us for years. That's a testament to our track record of success and a diligent, disciplined delivery approach. We truly do make a difference, for businesses of all sizes, and I'm excited about helping your organization.
Bob Nawrocki
Vice President/General Manager | Inteligent Infrastructure Management
I lead our Kansas City Team delivery team where we have seen consistent growth in a diverse market. I'll help you through each step of the process: from identifying scope, building your plan, bringing the right resources to your location or remotely, staying connected to you throughout the engagement and closing our engagement with a managed services contract. Working with the entire Microsoft stack offers our client base a variety of great services to choose from. In Kansas City, the need for specialized consultants continues to grow. We are comfortable working alongside your internal IT and marketing groups or 3rd party agencies.
Rod Gilbert
Vice President | Oakwood Digital Strategy and Analytics
Hello and welcome to Oakwood Systems. My name is Rod Gilbert and I head-up our Oakwood Digital team. At Oakwood, we are on the cutting edge of helping businesses transform into innovative and dynamic organizations that leverage technology to increase revenue and market share, streamline and optimize the cost of providing a product or service, and instill consistency and predictability into their business model. With over 35 years in the market, and thousands of client success stories, our team is here to help. You will be amazed at how well we can understand your problems and issues, and can help craft end to end solutions and approaches, that allow you to focus on the things that you do best.
Shad Moss
Senior Director | Application Development
Hello, I'm Shad, the leader of our Digital Group. I deliver client solutions across the full application development spectrum – including digital, UI/UX, web, mobile, backend applications, business intelligence, collaboration, and integration. We build trusted client partnerships through delivery excellence with a commitment to always exceed your expectations. What can you expect? We move quickly to define scope, determine a timeline, work within your budget and get excited to start your project. I look forward to moving your business forward very soon with our best-in-class technologists.
Chris Daly
Director | Application Managed Services
Hello and welcome to Oakwood. I head up our application managed services business. Managed Services allows Oakwood to do the heavy lifting of your internal server-based workloads and data assets. We'll define whether a full cloud implementation or a hybrid model makes the most sense. You'll be able to re-allocate resources to other areas of your business while we monitor and manage your critical business assets, 24x7x365. We cloud host with both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Let's chat about your current setup and how I can save you money, lighten your load and provide you greater peace of mind.