Ever heard the phrase “we have a lot of wood to chop?”  Well, we just realized that Business Intelligence is number one on the CIO “must have” list for the fourth year in a row.

What's Going On?

It's starting to seem sort of like a “goal weight,” isn't it?  It's something you put on the board as a target, but never develop a plan that will get you there – or don't stick with the plan you've developed.  You look at it as a great big hairy audacious goal rather than a series of smaller goals that will move you along the right path.  It's daunting, costly and going to take too long.

None of that has to be true.  Start with small steps.  Find a partner who knows how to lead you down a path with opportunities for short-term wins on the way to the ultimate goal.  Aim for the first ten pounds of BI, then the next ten pounds (just to extend my analogy a bit further!).  Before you know it, you'll be at your BI goal weight.

Business Intelligence Conclusion

With BI in the number one position again, there's a clear message here.  Folks just aren't getting it done.  Break the cycle.  A great goal would be to have BI move to the number two position next year, don't you think?

Next Steps

Review our case studies and engagements where we helped companies just like yours solve a variety of business needs.

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