Managing the applications that run your business is an operational task that keeps your team from focusing on designing and implementing new technologies that have the potential to transform the business.

With Oakwood’s Cloud Application Managed Services, you can depend on Oakwood to keep the applications running, secure, and allow you to focus on strategic initiatives. In addition, you will become progressive instead of reactive while keeping and exceeding your service level agreements to the business.

Oakwood’s Cloud Managed Services

As cloud adoption continues to gather momentum, optimizing and managing cloud infrastructure resources and applications becomes critical to achieve expected cloud performance and savings. Oakwood’s Managed Cloud Services helps customers like you optimize, manage and monitor your Azure environments including virtual machines, databases, media services, mobile services, application workloads and more.

Oakwood’s Cloud Managed Services can be leveraged on-premise in your private cloud, through a third-party datacenter, or in the public cloud. Our Service delivers the detailed quality-of-service metrics, comprehensive usage metering and sophisticated alarms and automation required to meet SLAs, boost uptime and control costs and usage.

Our team will set and hold both a Monthly Review of Network Architecture, a Security and Endpoint Review as well as a Quarterly Review and Consultation around your cloud environment and strategy in order to further enable and speed your key cloud initiatives while maintaining security and managing risk.

What Type of Cloud Services Does Oakwood Provide?

  • Monitoring and remediation for critical infrastructure warnings and errors
  • Monitoring security related events for potential threats, errors or inconsistencies.
  • Monitoring server performance on an on-going basis to ensure properly sized infrastructure
  • Storage management for available capacity, geo redundancy and analysis of growth trends.
  • Backup management to ensure timely, complete backups are occurring along with quarterly validation.
  • Creating scripts as needed to automate tasks
  • File and folder management to ensure consistency and proper security are implemented.
  • Verifying that correct services are running.
  • Operating System Patching
  • Troubleshooting and assisting with DNS related items.
  • Availability sets and vNet planning
  • Real-time customizable alerts
  • Scale based on standard or custom performance counters, Event Logs, Storage or Service Bus queues, and more…
  • Evaluate sustained averages, leading indicators, trailing data, or a schedule
  • Sophisticated rule-based monitoring engine
  • Support for Web Roles, Worker Roles, Virtual Machines, Azure Websites, SQL Azure databases and Federations, Azure Storage and URLs
  • Monitor connectivity both to and within the Azure environment and notifying you of outages or interruptions of service
  • Alerts about server-related issues such as low memory or disk space
  • Support for Windows Event Logs, Performance Counters, queues, and more
  • Warnings of storage blocking, throttling, or slowdowns
  • Patching of managed infrastructure
  • Advanced features include analysis of sustained averages, sudden changes in usage, and more…

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Subscription Management
  • Scaling of Services
  • Monitor Service Health
  • Optimization of Azure Consumption to Economize Azure Spend
  • Issue Tracking, Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Resolution, Workarounds and Remediation
  • Additional services are offered under our Managed Infrastructure, SQL, and SharePoint offerings

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

  • Monitor and Manage Azure Websites, Monitor SQL Services and User Permissions
  • Visibility into Scaling of Services
  • Integration with and Management of Azure Traffic Manager
  • Monitor Service health by subscription
  • Collect and monitor performance information per role instance.
  • Collect and monitor Windows events and .NET Framework trace messages from each role instance.
  • Monitor performance, event, and the .NET Framework trace data from Windows Azure storage.
  • Monitor and manage Auto Scaling of resources
  • Monitor availability and size of each Storage and optional alerts
  • Monitor management and cloud service certificates and alerts if the certificates are about to expire
  • Storage and Service Review
  • Optimization of Azure Consumption to Economize Azure Spend
  • System Health and Performance Monitoring
  • VM Creation and Troubleshooting and Lifecycle Management
  • Setting User and Group Security
  • Advice on Storage Solutions and Redundancy
  • Patch Management (OS and/or applications)
  • Issue Tracking, Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Resolution, Workarounds and Remediation

Your Benefits from Cloud Managed Services

  • Visibility from a Service, Line of Business or Operations point of view into your Cloud Infrastructure Environment
  • Budget predictability and cost management
  • No need to staff for deep application expertise
  • Agility and responsiveness to the business
  • Improved cost-effectiveness (25%-38% reduction in costs)
  • Applications run as they should
  • Remove impediments to scalability
  • Mechanism for transitioning to a cloud-based strategy
  • Proactive recommendations for improvement opportunities
  • Discounted Development services

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