Monitoring the applications that run your business is an operational task that keeps your team from focusing on designing and implementing new technologies that have the potential to transform the business.

With Oakwood’s Custom Application Monitoring Services, you can depend on Oakwood to give you visibility into the health of your online or web applications so that you can ensure both your users and your customers have an excellent experience in their interactions with you and also that you are meeting your service level agreements to the business.

What is Custom Application Monitoring?

Oakwood understands that complex applications spanning physical, virtual, and hybrid-cloud environments, make it difficult for IT organizations to understand and deliver the flawless experience end users demand. At Oakwood, we understand that application uptime and availability does not always equal an excellent customer experience. If an application is slow, or they can’t complete a shopping cart order in a timely manner, customers may go elsewhere.

Additionally, in today’s world of social media, news of any missteps can go viral in minutes jeopardizing revenue and tarnishing your brand image. This is where Oakwood can help you build customer loyalty and revenue through positive online interactions by monitoring that experience and alerting you if the experience isn’t what your customer should expect.

Oakwood’s Custom Application Monitoring includes the following key services:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting of potential problems.
  • End-to-end transaction response-time visibility into cloud, mobile, and Web applications.
  • Proactive monitoring of the Custom applications and dependent technologies to identify issues and resolve them before they affect your users.
  • Visibility into the health and availability of key revenue or productivity impacting applications
  • Track global and local end user experience.
  • Discounted Development Services

How You Benefit from Oakwood’s Custom Application Monitoring

  • Maximize performance and uptime. Armed with tangible, objective and detailed monitoring data, your development team (or Oakwood’s) can pinpoint bottlenecks—and eliminate them—so users enjoy a better online experience.
  • Speed troubleshooting and reduce triage efforts Reliably eliminate the chaos of the “blame game”, and get faster root cause diagnosis to resolve performance problems so you don’t just find out about an issue, you get the details they need to quickly determine the source of the issue—so it can be addressed faster.
  • Improve Application Development Staff Productivity and new service quality: Providing visibility into areas of code efficiency that Developers can use to speed their effort, understanding your web based application’s behavior prior to rolling it into production as well as providing the ability to review tuning and optimization changes made and correlating those changes with performance metrics- all ensure that the changes actually deliver the desired result, reduce risk and speed development time.
  • Improved Capacity Planning and Utilization: Comprehensive tracking of historical, real-time application performance and capacity data optimizes equipment requirements planning and equipment utilization.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Subscription Management
  • Scaling of Services
  • Monitor Service Health
  • Optimization of Azure Consumption to Economize Azure Spend
  • Issue Tracking, Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Resolution, Workarounds and Remediation
  • Additional services are offered under our Managed Infrastructure, SQL, and SharePoint offerings

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

  • Monitor and Manage Azure Websites, Monitor SQL Services and User Permissions
  • Visibility into Scaling of Services
  • Integration with and Management of Azure Traffic Manager
  • Monitor Service health by subscription
  • Collect and monitor performance information per role instance.
  • Collect and monitor Windows events and .NET Framework trace messages from each role instance.
  • Monitor performance, event, and the .NET Framework trace data from Windows Azure storage.
  • Monitor and manage Auto Scaling of resources
  • Monitor availability and size of each Storage and optional alerts
  • Monitor management and cloud service certificates and alerts if the certificates are about to expire
  • Storage and Service Review
  • Optimization of Azure Consumption to Economize Azure Spend
  • System Health and Performance Monitoring
  • VM Creation and Troubleshooting and Lifecycle Management
  • Setting User and Group Security
  • Advice on Storage Solutions and Redundancy
  • Patch Management (OS and/or applications)
  • Issue Tracking, Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Resolution, Workarounds and Remediation

Your Benefits from Cloud Managed Services

  • Visibility from a Service, Line of Business or Operations point of view into your Cloud Infrastructure Environment
  • Budget predictability and cost management
  • No need to staff for deep application expertise
  • Agility and responsiveness to the business
  • Improved cost-effectiveness (25%-38% reduction in costs)
  • Applications run as they should
  • Remove impediments to scalability
  • Mechanism for transitioning to a cloud-based strategy
  • Proactive recommendations for improvement opportunities
  • Discounted Development services

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