Managing the applications that run your business is an operational task that keeps your team from focusing on designing and implementing new technologies that have the potential to transform the business.

With Oakwood’s SQL Database Managed Services, you can depend on Oakwood to keep the applications running, while you focus on strategic initiatives, becoming progressive instead of reactive while keeping and exceeding your service level agreements to the business.

What is SQL Database Managed Services?

Designed to ensure the health and stability of your SQL Server environment, Oakwood’s Managed SQL Database service provides 24x7x365 system monitoring. Services go far beyond traditional monitoring services with weekly in-depth health checks, analysis and trending to proactively identify issues requiring remediation.

Some of The Activities Included in This Offering Are

  • SQL Database Backup, Recovery Process and Testing
  • Alert/Issue resolution and Troubleshooting assistance
  • Monthly deep dives
  • Backup and maintenance verification and configuration
  • Instance configuration tuning
  • Server configuration tuning
  • Escalation point for internal data team
  • Index and Query optimization/tuning
  • Waits and stats and Deadlock analysis
  • Table partitioning and Data compression analysis
  • Storage subsystem analysis
  • Clustering, Mirroring, Cloning, Replication
  • Log Shipping
  • Support for highly available SQL configuration
  • Mirroring

Your Benefits from Managed Services for SQL Database Management include

  • Deep Visibility into the performance of the Databases that inform your key applications
  • Budget predictability and cost management
  • No need to staff for deep SQL DBA expertise
  • SLA Focus
  • Extension of your IT Team
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Management
  • Improved cost-effectiveness (benchmarked savings of between 25% and 45%)
  • Applications run as they should (benchmarked improvement of performance between 40%-60%)
  • Remove impediments to scalability
  • Mechanism for transitioning to a cloud-based strategy
  • Proactive recommendations for improvement opportunities
  • Agility and responsiveness to the business

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