Want to learn more about the Azure Monitoring Management Pack?  Need to monitor a PaaS instance in Windows Azure through SCOM?  This can be accomplished with the Azure Monitoring Management Pack. This gives you basic availability monitoring for your PaaS instances and the ability to swap VIPs via the SCOM console. What is does not give you is in-depth operating system monitoring including IIS or APM for web worker roles.

Azure Monitoring Management Pack | Getting Started

Once the PaaS instance is up, you could manually connect and run through manually connecting it as though it were an untrusted workgroup computer, but every time a new instance is spun up or there is a VIP swap, you lose all monitoring on those instances and must manually reconfigure each one. While this does give you monitoring capabilities beyond what you see in the Azure MP, the process is entirely manual and needs constant attention.

Common Issues

What if all of your roles swap at once?  Or your devs need to roll out new code to an entire farm of PaaS roles?

Clearly, an admin (or team thereof) is not going to have the time to sit around and manually deploy and configure agents for every single time this happens.


Azure gives us a free hand in customizing how new PaaS instances are instantiated. Leveraging some Powershell scripting and an existing SCOM environment it is possible to add an Operations Manager 2012 agent directly to each PaaS role and connect it to a management group as it spins up.

This method allows us to continue monitoring the Cloud Service normally via the Azure MP.  Additionally we now will see another entry for each PaaS role that comes online appear in SCOM.  This process involves a properly configured CA, instantiation script, and SCOM settings, but the result is well worth it.

There you have it. Full OS and application monitoring of PaaS instances in your existing SCOM environment.


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