Guy Kawasaki

Interview with Guy Kawasaki on Marketing

Good information shared by arguably one of the industry’s leaders. Interview with Guy Kawasaki on marketing and building a brand. About Oakwood Since 1981, Oakwood

Business Intelligence

Actionable Business Intelligence Is Not A Million Dollar Project

Ever heard the phrase “we have a lot of wood to chop?”  Well, we just realized that Business Intelligence is number one on the CIO

Great IT group

Does Every Organization Need To Be A Best Place to Work?

Do you have a great IT group that is helping to make your company a better place to work?  Here comes the survey so you

Microsoft Licensing Agreement

Another $50K Into the Hopper

Are you up-to-date on Microsoft licensing agreement benefits?  This morning I read another case study about a client who saved a lot of money (around

Service Manager

Do IT Projects Have Organizational Value?

Several team members were discussing Portfolio Management.  We agreed that one of the main tenets of portfolio management is demand management, and the key to

Social Media Power Outage

Reduce the Cost of Social Media Marketing

I read an article the other day that discussed that “free” social media marketing is a terrific time and money hog in the corporate environment,

Business Intelligence

Driving the Business with Business Intelligence

Let's talk about business intelligence.  The Oakwood Team is pretty jazzed about the conceptual metaphor: “Driving Your Business with BI”.  The spot-on clarity of the

Six Dollar Haircut

Why Would You Buy a Six Dollar Haircut Anyway?

Ever thought about how nice it would be to get a six dollar haircut?  Let's digress for a minute.  An email arrived this morning with

sales prevention department

Managing the Sales Prevention Department

Every time a representative of your company interacts with a customer, they could be reassigning themselves to the Sales Prevention Department.  Every time one of your company's

What can Oakwood do for you?

No Competitive Differentiators For Our Custom Development Practice

You probably catch yourself saying to your significant other once or twice a day “So, what can Oakwood do for you?”  We don’t have a

80/20 Rule

80/20 Spending Rule – Get Better 1% at a Time

80/20.  What exactly are we talking about?  As humans, sometimes we make projects so huge that there's no way to get them done.  “We must

IT Teams

Mapping the Customer Engagement – Where Does IT Touch? Where Can IT Touch?

Hey IT Teams.  Got an idea.  Grab a piece of paper and draw a circle in the middle of it.  Label it “Customer.”  Now draw

Every Person Affects the Bottom Line

“Undercover Boss,” if you haven't seen it, is a TV show where the head of a big organization goes undercover as a worker, learning from

Master Data Management

Run, Grow, Transform. Why Master Data Management is Important.

Building a strong foundation makes it easier to build a strong house.  If you don't have a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy in place, it

Leveraging Azure

Leveraging Azure for Disaster Recovery & Cold Storage

Disaster Recovery (DR) has long been a difficult challenge in any data center. Historically, the options have been manual processes, or, automated processes that have typically placed expensive

Gold Competency

Oakwood Earns Sixth Gold Competency – Messaging

Oakwood Systems Group announces that it has earned its sixth Gold Competency from Microsoft, in Messaging.  Microsoft competencies showcase the company's capabilities in specific areas

Upgrade Your SQL Server

When Was the Last Time You Upgraded SQL Server?

Upgrade your SQL Server.  But how?  It’s kind of like that college class you hated but was necessary to take in order to graduate. The


Bring Your Own Device | What’s The Big Deal?

BYOD, or bring your own device, is a reflection of another term-of-the-day, “the consumerization of IT.”  While they aren’t 100% the same, the two terms

BI Implementation

Avoid the High-Wire Act During BI Implementation

In many clients we see the fine art of BI implementation is a challenge similar to a high-wire act, avoiding a fiscal cliff or landing

Infrastructure Operations

The Problem with Infrastructure Operations Managing Applications

For many organizations, infrastructure operations are responsible for running hardware infrastructure associated with the application platform.  The application manager is in charge of managing the


Assessing Cloud Value – The Nimbus Framework

Talking today about Nimbus.  Hey, don't freak out!  We are only talking about the cloud.  One of the most frequent questions we are asked about

Backup Protocols

Why “Backup” is Becoming a Dirty Word

A very interesting topic we like to chat about is backup protocols.  Are you excited?  Here is what happened.  A robust conversation took place this

Office 365 Email

MS Office 365 – It May Be Time To Look

Wondering about Office 365 benefits.   Time to consider it?  We agree!  And, we have you covered.  Let's jump into the world of online applications.

SQL Server

Broken SQL, Broken Company: A Client Story

Everyone has head about SQL Server.  We share client stories in the hope that something will spark something, cause someone to take some action, or

client access server

Exchange 2013 | What’s New Client Access Server

One of the many new changes with Exchange Server 2013 is the collapsing of the four roles that made up Exchange Server 2007 and 2010;

Configuration Item

The OpsMan Alert Connector and An Often Over-Looked Step

If you have both Operations Manager and Service Manager in your environment it can be very useful to set up both the Configuration Item (CI)

Service Manager

SCSM 2012 – How-To: Relationship Subscriptions

When performing Service Manager implementations, a near-universal request from clients is to have a notification email triggered upon a work item’s assignment changing. As a


BYOD? More Like BYOA. Your Secrets Might Be Leaking…

I was rather astounded to read the recent New Your Tines article, Where Apps Meet Work, Secret Data Is at Risk by Quentin Hardy.  I realized

Office 365 Email

Office 365 Promo to Expire Shortly, Regeneration Expected

We had a client tell us yesterday that the current pricing promotion for Microsoft Office 365 is too good to ignore.  Office 365 is being

Aspect Oriented Programming

Aspect Oriented Programming In MVC

Sit back and relax.  We are going to get technical.  Ready?  Much like recursion, Aspect Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm for solving problems from