12 Agile Principles

Are you transforming your organization by focusing on agility?  Agile is the only way to be productive in our fast-paced work environments.  Oakwood can help!  First, read these 12 simple
Posted on August 16, 2017
SQL DBA Managed Services

SQL DBA Managed Services

Why Oakwood SQL DBA Managed Services?  In response to our clients, our managed services team has established a platform that allows Oakwood Systems to proactively manage and monitor the key
Posted on August 16, 2017
SharePoint Managed Services

Oakwood Systems SharePoint Managed Services

Why Oakwood Systems SharePoint Managed Services?  Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform.  It allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing. Oakwood
Posted on August 16, 2017
cloud solution

Overcoming Cultural Pushback to the Cloud

Wondering why there is cultural pushback to the cloud?  Well, we see cloudy skies ahead.  Why is that?  As companies head toward the cloud, it's changing much more than just
Posted on August 10, 2017
IT Transformation

The Business Potential of IT Transformation

No one thinks of IT as a back-office support department—now everyone looks to IT as an integral part of overall strategy. But where should CIOs begin? First, they need to think
Posted on August 4, 2017