Ready for some Office 365 myths?  Here we go.  Microsoft has paved the way for Office 365 and its components to become part of computing infrastructure. The good news is that these new technologies create a better, more efficient way for teams to work together. This can result in better collaboration, information sharing, and discoverability.

Myth Busters

The bad news is, however, there is a fear of the unknown. Many myths and misunderstandings surround Office 365 and its capabilities.

According to a Microsoft survey of over 2,000 Microsoft Partners, the most common myths regarding Office 365 stemmed from issues relating to:

  • Security and privacy
  • Compliance
  • Maturity
  • Complications regarding productivity when offline

Debunking Office 365 Myths

Take a lunch or coffee break and join in on a 20-minute webinar dedicated to busting common Office 365 myths. In a fast-paced, “Pecha Kucha” format style webcast, you'll learn invaluable information on four topics:

  • Identity myth: Azure and SaaS identity integration
  • Data location myth: Data connection/web apps co-authoring
  • Data analysis myths: Unlocking data insights
  • Mobility myth – anytime, anywhere out of the box with Lync, mobile web app, Multi-Device Management and EMS.


The webinar is available here

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