Business Challenges

This 50+ year old St. Louis based manufacturer had an incentive application written in VB6 for one of their plants while their other 6 plants were written in Fortran. Essentially 7 different applications all doing similar things. They wanted to migrate their VB6 and Fortran programs to C# .Net.

Our client also had a time entry and a utility application both written in VB6 that also needed to be converted to C# .Net.


Oakwood converted the incentive application VB6 code to C# .Net initially using a 3rd party tool called VBUC and then filled in any missing pieces that could not be converted, such as reports and other general logic. Time Entry and the utility application were re-created from scratch. The remaining plants that used Fortran were then integrated into the main C# .Net application, by hand, reviewing the Fortran code and working closely with the client’s internal IT team.

Technologies Leveraged

  • C# .Net,
  • RDLC (Report Definition Language Client Side)
  • Azure DevOps
  • SQL Server and
  • Visual Basic Upgrade Companion