Data Analytics


Use Your Critical Business Data to Become an Insights Driven Organization and Digitally Transform!

How are you using data to better understand your business, customer behavior, and growth opportunities?  Many organizations are unprepared to ingest the sheer volumes and variety of data at their disposal.  This leads to missed opportunities, uncertainty about the future and inability to make insightful and actionable decisions.

We’re data geeks, professional number crunchers, 100% focused on how data is supposed to work for you. What can you expect?  We move quickly to define scope, budget, allocate resources, and get started moving the ball down the field.

Other common problems we see:

  • Employees have access to data that they should not see
  • Employees do not have access to the critical data they need to do their job
  • Volumes unstructured data that is presently unusable by the organization
  • Too much time expended colleting data rather than delivering actionable insights to the organization
  • Data that is poorly formatted for powerful visualizations

Oakwood helps to bridge these gaps, and bring solutions that provide actionable insights.  We bring your many, disparate data sources together and give you a clear picture of your current state and help you visualize future opportunities.

We’re data experts, professional number crunchers, 100% focused on how data is supposed to work for you. What can you expect?  We move quickly to define scope, budget, allocate resources, and get started making significant progress toward your goals.

Why Oakwood?

  • We help you turn data into actionable insights
  • We use data science to transform your business
  • Creating powerful dashboards from disparate data systems
  • Leveraging Big Data to create bigger strategic business plans
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Stickier customers, increased revenue, insulating you from competitive threats
  • Analytics and data science strategy and roadmaps help your organization


Power BI

Tie together multiple data sources to create enterprise level insights and reporting. Create custom dashboards with clear and meaningful KPIs. Aggregate disparate data without the cost of a full integration. Migrate and move data using Power BI data flows. Insert data into Azure Data Lake or Azure SQL DB. Perform ELT processes on your data.

Cloud Analytics

Move away from high-priced appliances to a flexible, more scalable platform. Use Azure, Azure SQL Server, Office 365 and Power BI as part of your cloud strategy.

SQL DBA Services

Oakwood helps you enhance server performance and reliability. We’ll ensure high availability and speedy recovery. Begin with an overall assessment of your data infrastructure and its utilization and we’ll go from there.

SQL Analysis/Reporting Services

Our team builds data stores to help you make better business decisions and reduce report workloads. Custom reports and queries. We use master data management (MDM) to integrate your disjointed reporting systems.

Machine Learning

Producing models that can analyze bigger, more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results. Helping you identify new opportunities, future outcomes or avoid unknown risks. Provide your customers better experiences.

Why Oakwood?

We work with our clients to drive digital transformation by leveraging their data to provide actionable insights and drive employee and customer engagement. We are a leading business intelligence company. Big data. Small data. It doesn’t matter. To survive, you must have data analytics experts who can cover all disciplines and technologies. We don’t often find problems that we can’t fix. Work with Oakwood. We’ll improve your decision-making abilities with smarter data. Creating easier access, to help you grow your business, and serve your varied and diverse audiences. By the way, Big Data isn’t going away. Let’s see what Oakwood can do with your data challenges.