Several team members were discussing Portfolio Management.  We agreed that one of the main tenets of portfolio management is demand management, and the key to making it work is to be able to measure the value of a proposed project to the organization.  This is typically done by assessing the proposed project against organizational targets and goals – not IT targets and goals.  Whether an organization has deployed a portfolio management tool or not, IT groups can get more projects approved when the projects are able to be linked to the organization's direction.

A Couple of Approaches

So, let look at two different ways to propose a data management project.

Old Way

We need to upgrade from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.

New Way

Marketing is working hard to attract new customers, and we need to be able to provide them with the most up-to-date database we possibly can.

Recently we realized that we are not updating our marketing list with the new subscriber list, and we can cure that with an upgrade to our database system.  Doing this will save us money in a mailing, allow us to engage more immediately with new subscribers, and allow marketing to use their budget to maximum advantage.  It's also going to have benefits for other departments, like the subscription department as well as customer service.  We'll be able to provide better service to our customers and our prospective customers.


Wow.  Now this IT project has some legs!  What do you think?  Approval?

Next Steps

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