Azure load and performance testing is something we know a lot about.  Recently we engaged in load and performance testing a custom web application that we developed for an Oakwood client. We were encouraged by the strength and depth of the testing tool within the Visual Studio environment.

Azure Load and Performance Testing | History

  • N-tier application architecture with the client
  • Services and data tiers all hosted in Azure
  • In excess of 50,000 lines of custom code
  • Greater than 1,000 unit tests
  • Over 20,000 test cases developed in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM)
  • More than 15 developers engaged over the course of nearly a year

Prior to publishing the site to production, we evaluated the site’s performance using a step load pattern. Through analysis of the results, we were able to size our hosting environment properly for the expected concurrent user load.


The application of best practices around continuous value delivery, use of MTM, Azure’s elastic scaling capabilities and the Visual Studio Web Performance Testing tools, led to some great results.  We were able to launch a large-scale development effort to production with only 4 bugs identified as needing hotfixes that could support 200% of the client’s long-term concurrent user needs.  In the end, everyone was happy!  Let us know how we can help!

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