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Why consider a managed services engagement?  It’s a contractual relationship between Oakwood and your business designed to save you time, money and worries via IT outsourcing.  We’ll take the lead and manage your software, databases, and workloads.  We’ll manage it on-premise, in a data center, or in the cloud.  So, free up your internal resources so they can focus on other key projects. Each managed services contract is tailored to your needs.  Let’s get started discussing scope, budget, your specific configuration and a transition plan.


  • 24x7x365 support
  • Full monitoring capabilities
  • SQL, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure and custom developed apps
  • Lower expenses on hardware, software upgrades, and lease renewals
  • Free up internal resources
  • Single point of contact
  • Weekly status reports
  • State-of-the-art ticketing system
  • Top-level customer service

We do the heavy lifting with a variety of plans to accommodate infrastructure, email, servers, databases or custom application needs.  We provide coverage from your physical layer to your application layer. With 35+ years of experience, Oakwood manages and monitors your most precious assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does a managed services contract benefit my company?

A. We don’t replace your IT Department, we extend your team.  Our software technology team manages and attend to the same things they do today including remediation for critical infrastructure warnings and errors, security-related events, server performance monitoring, storage management, backup management, file and folder management and script creation for task automation.

Q. When am I updated as to the health of my software and data assets?

A. You will be updated via our ticketing systems, which report monthly, and through our frequent communication which ensures peace of mind and a steady line of communication between you and your team.

Q. I’m not ready to make a full commitment or go off premise.  Where do I start?

A. You have a variety of options.  We can monitor your software on premise along with services you already have in the cloud, such as Office 365.

Q. What about updates, patches, and fixes?

A. Great news.  Cloud managed services receive automatic updates so you don’t have to plan or worry.  For your on premise software, we’ll handle patching, server issues, low disk space or memory, and DNS issues.

Q. What other benefits will I receive?

A. Support for web roles, worker roles, virtual machines, Azure websites, SQL Azure databases, Azure storage, URLs. We monitor connectivity both to and within the Azure environment, provide support for Windows event logs, performance counters, and queues, storage blocking, throttling, or slowdown warnings.

Q. How do I learn more about costs?

A. Each client’s environment is different.  It starts with a phone call to discuss your goals.  From there, we will create a scope of work with pricing specific to your needs.

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