An industrial manufacturing firm had a solution that was difficult to maintain and prevented them from keeping pace with business demands.  This large line of business application was responsible for capturing quality assurance metrics on all products before they can be shipped.

The Business Challenge

  • A need to use modern tooling and frameworks to reduce the time investment associated with developing new features.
  • Business logic distributed across multiple programming languages and locations making it difficult to identify which tiers of the application would be impacted by a new request.
  • Lack of unit tests which allowed new features and updates to introduce regression defects on new releases.
  • Knowing there were risks tied to requesting new features, the manufacturing firm became hesitant and afraid to perform releases depending on the scope of the change.

Faced with the challenge of having limited resources and expertise to take on this large project, client turned to their trusted advisor, Oakwood Systems Group.

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The Solution

Oakwood worked closely with the client to develop a new solution using modern frameworks and technologies.  As the team migrated to this new solution, unit tests were created to improve the quality of the solution by preventing changes from having undetected unintentional consequences.

During the process, Oakwood conducted multiple preview sessions with the IT and Business Teams to review wireframes of the new functionality and discuss the changes before they were developed. Oakwood also helped the client achieve these new features by building associated estimates, communicating the technical impact of the decisions being made, breaking out tasks, implementing code changes and associated unit tests.

Throughout the process, the Oakwood Team stayed in constant contact with the client’s IT Team by surfacing risks and issues along with options for resolving these challenges. Additionally, Oakwood performed minor demos with the client’s business users during the development of large features to iteratively re-align the development with the business.

Manufacturing Firm | Conclusion

Oakwood helped the manufacturing firm achieve business goals by providing guidance toward best practices for application development.

About Oakwood

Since 1981, Oakwood has been helping companies of all sizes, across all industries, solve their business problems.  We bring world-class consultants to architect, design and deploy technology solutions to move your company forward.   Our proven approach guarantees better business outcomes.  With flexible engagement options, your project is delivered on-time and on budget.  11,000 satisfied clients can’t be wrong.

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