We had a client tell us yesterday that the current pricing promotion for Microsoft Office 365 is too good to ignore.  Office 365 is being used by some of the largest enterprises in the world (CapGemini, American Red Cross), and it is most definitely an enterprise-class solution.  To lower the barrier of adoption, Microsoft put some VERY attractive pricing and bonus offers in place for its customers which currently have Enterprise Agreements (EAs) – on the order of $1.00 per user per month PLUS a potential for $40 per user for partner implementation services.

What's Going On?

This offer expires on 3/31/2013.  While we expect the offer to be regenerated, the new version will likely have pricing differences.  As a result, we are actively encouraging our clients to get in on this offer.  With a minimum of fifty users (regardless of how many you have on your EA), and up to eighteen months to do the implementation, the best time to jump into the Office 365 pond is right now.

A Brief History of Office 365

Office 365 has come a long way since its badly-named original launch.  The integration between this cloud-based Software-as-a-Service and on-premise applications and networks create a compelling, business-enabling, cost-reducing story for most organizations.  It also positions the organization to truly combat the BYOA (Bring-Your-Own-Application) issue.  You may be aware, this is causing information leakage and loss of IT control.

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Next Steps

To find out more about this offer and how you can leverage it, contact Oakwood Systems Group.  We'll talk with you about a Solution Alignment Workshop, or SAW.  This will help you determine how Office 365 can help your organization.  We'll also share details.  Lastly, we'll help you determine your organization's eligibility for the program.

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