If you’ve been outside recently, you’ve probably noticed at least one of the millions of people chasing virtual Poke monsters through the streets while staring at the screens of their smartphones. It is tempting to attribute the virality of Pokemon Go to its brand. For years, Nintendo held out on creating a Pokemon app, and finally introduced the beloved characters to the mobile device. It was an instant hit. But what may be overlooked in the virality of Pokemon Go is the market’s eagerness for augmented reality.

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A Killer Mobile App

The Pokemon Go phenomenon meets a need that no other mobile app has successfully met. Players of Pokemon Go get to do something they cannot do in actual reality, without the commitment of complete escape–as is the case with virtual reality. Pokemon Go is a hybrid, so to speak, of actual reality and virtual reality. The outrageous success of Pokemon Go is a good indicator that this sort of activity is poised to become the new normal.

The Future of Augmented Reality

Now that millions of mobile users have experienced augmented reality, a wealth of new industries stand to gain by mining this trend. Shopping catalogs, for example, could leverage augmented reality by allowing shoppers to place a virtual couch in their living rooms. Medical students could leverage augmented reality to train for complex surgeries. Law enforcement could leverage augmented reality to recreate crime scenes and investigate their cases more efficiently. Who’s to say what the future holds?


Here’s the bottom line: The future of augmented reality is promising. It has already has found its way into our cell phones. Imagine the possibilities of what’s next.

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