I read an article the other day that discussed that “free” social media marketing is a terrific time and money hog in the corporate environment, and my own experience bears that out.  We have developed a new utility that takes a little of the cost out and makes the monitoring and responding to certain social media types more of a “hands-off” experience.  A great fit for B2C companies. Not a good fit for Oakwood.

The Power Outage With Social Media

I am juggling the same things that every marketer is juggling.  How to deliver relevant content to the right people and developing that content, to begin with.  But there are too many tools that don't talk to each other.  I need for a master's degree in flowcharting.  I feel like I hit a power outage!


Reduced to its lowest common denominator, the challenge for marketers today really resides with the data.  We can use any tools we want as long as we can integrate them back to a database of clients, prospects, or consumers.  Lucky for me, Oakwood is expert at integrating data from different sources into a single version of the truth.  Now if only I can get the cobbler to make this kid some new shoes.

Next Steps

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