Azure Database Migration

Azure Database Migration

The ability to innovate is what separates long-term successful businesses from the pack. However, a business can have all the game-changing innovative ideas in the world, but it won’t do them any good unless they are actually implemented. 

SitePro gained a competitive advantage by combining onsite sensors and data collection with online data processing and management using Microsoft Azure. As a result, they were able to provide faster and more effective service to their customers, which in turn strengthened the offerings of their customers. It’s a win for everyone.

“We realized we were leaving too many good ideas on the side,” Aaron Phillips, President and CEO, SitePro. 

SitePro, a software platform that supports oil and gas facilities, knew that to power the kind of data collection and usage they imagined, they were going to need to switch from an onsite infrastructure to a scalable cloud service. They found the solution they were looking for in Microsoft Azure

Now, they alone can provide data services that usually require multiple companies to perform, and they are passing on those benefits in cost savings and efficiencies to their customers. 

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Practical Power BI Dashboard Design In 60 Seconds

Practical Power BI Dashboard Design In 60 Seconds

As one of the premier data visualization tools for the enterprise, Microsoft Power BI can become an indispensable tool. However, to make the most of Power BI, you must first consider your audience. Here are a few tips to help you build the best dashboard for your business.

  • Power BI is a dashboard tool to monitor the current state of your data using the included reports. Make sure to avoid unnecessary information – your users may experience information-overload.
  • Dashboards are intended to be used at a glance, your tiles need to be properly organized using the full-screen mode.
  • Try resizing your tiles to prioritize key metrics – larger tiles are naturally seen as more important.
  • Place the most important metric in the top left corner as it will be where viewers will start using the dashboard.

If you need a bit more help designing your dashboard, here are a few books:

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