Watch Dog SQL Managed Services: dbaEXTEND

dbaEXTEND is part of Oakwood’s Watch Dog Managed Services suite of service offerings. No matter the size of your business, dbaEXTEND delivers value across all levels of your data tier.

Whether your server estate resides on prem, in the cloud or a combination of the two – Oakwood, and its team of consultant-level dbas, will dig deep to learn your business and quickly become a valuable part of your technology team.

Our team will provide you with data, process, and technical expertise at the application, network, and infrastructure levels that are essential for getting the most out of your mission critical data platform.

In order to better understand your database(s) and systems – we take pride in the transparent reporting that we provide our customers on a weekly & monthly basis.

At Oakwood, we not only want to keep your databases running – we want to keep them running well!  We’ll provide senior level DBAs without the high annual salary.

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dbaEXTEND Pricing


Benefits of dbaEXTEND

  • Deep Visibility into the performance of the Databases that inform your key applications
  • Budget predictability and cost management
  • No need to staff for deep SQL DBA expertise
  • SLA Focus
  • Extension of your IT Team
  • Proactive vs. Reactive Management
  • Improved cost-effectiveness (benchmarked savings of between 25% and 45%)
  • Applications run as they should (benchmarked improvement of performance between 40%-60%)
  • Remove impediments to scalability
  • Mechanism for transitioning to a cloud-based strategy
  • Proactive recommendations for improvement opportunities
  • Agility and responsiveness to the business

Solarwinds Sample Database Reporting

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