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The team at Oakwood Systems Group will transform your business with the help of our world-class technologists and consultants.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are a leading provider of transformative digital and cloud services, managed business services and custom application development. When you choose to engage with us, you’ll enjoy improved customer relationships, enhanced productivity, reduced IT costs and less responsibility for your technology.  With our expertise and industry insights, we’ll deliver better business outcomes with speed and certainty.  Let’s get started transforming your organization today!

Let’s Engage!  Reach out to Oakwood’s St. Louis or Kansas City office today and we’ll discuss your business and resource needs.  We can quickly define scope, review your budget, agree on a timeline and get to work.  We have consultants ready to work on location or remote.

Here’s Where Oakwood Excels!

Development Center

Inside our Development Center, we concept, build and deploy next-generation software and enterprise applications. A managed services contract allows us to manage this work through its entire lifecycle.

Custom Software

We customize software with a unique set of tools, technologies, capabilities and best practices. Designed to your unique specifications and requirements.

Managed Services

We monitor and oversee your software, applications, workloads and other assets, both on-premise or in the cloud. Flexible terms.  Save money.  Enjoy greater peace of mind.

Data Analytics

Access to better data means new business and growth.  We aggregate your disparate systems giving you a 360 degree, dashboard view of your key performance metrics.


Our intelligent infrastructure category covers a wide variety of key areas within your business environment.  State-of-the-art technologists helping to drive better business outcomes.


The digital transformation is upon us.  We develop and improve your digital assets to create new growth, revenue, better operational focus, and a new view of your customer.


Delivering solutions to handle attacks, breaches, and exposure. Preventative techniques to protect the integrity of your networks, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace. It’s here where IT professionals and developers can discover, try and buy cloud software solutions built on Azure or built for Azure.

We here at Oakwood would like to invite you to review our current offers available below. If you should have any questions, please feel free to let us know!

App Modernization – Rearchitect: 1 Hour Briefing

This comprehensive briefing will help you develop a better understanding of how modifying or extending your existing application’s code base can optimize it for a cloud platform and for better scalability. For example, rearchitecting a SQL Server database to make it a fully managed Azure SQL Database.

Azure Marketplace
App Modernization – Refactor: 1 Hour Briefing

This comprehensive briefing will help you develop a better understanding of how using additional cloud provider services can optimize the cost, reliability, and performance by refactoring your applications. In lift and shift (rehosting), you were only taking advantage of the provider-managed hardware and OS, but in this model you also take advantage of cloud services to drive down cost.

Azure Marketplace
App Modernization - Rehost: 1 Hour Briefing

This comprehensive briefing will help you develop a better understanding of how rehosting allows organizations move more quickly, with little risk or impact, and receive immediate benefits. It also allows customers to see lower total cost of ownership (TCO) faster, enabling investment back into their migration process.

Azure Marketplace
App Modernization – Replace: 1 Hour Briefing

During this comprehensive briefing we'll discuss moving or discarding an existing application and replacing it with commercial software delivered as a service, or SaaS. SaaS provides a complete software solution that you purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis from a cloud service provider.

Azure Marketplace
App Modernization – Rebuild: 1 Hour Briefing

This comprehensive briefing will discuss the revising of an existing application by aggressively adopting PaaS or even software as a service (SaaS) services and architecture. The process encompasses major revisions to add new functionality or to rearchitect the application for the cloud.

Azure Marketplace
Azure Readiness Assessment: 2 Weeks

Analyze your workloads using real-time consumption metrics and application dependencies to estimate costs and build a migration plan specific to your organization.

Azure Marketplace
App Modernization: 2 Hour Briefing

There is only one journey to the cloud – but there are different paths you can take when moving applications to the cloud.

Azure Marketplace
TFS to Azure DevOps: 4-week Implementation

Ever since Azure DevOps Services was released to provide a hosted SaaS service for development teams, Team Foundation Server customers have been asking Microsoft to be able to import their TFS databases to take advantage of all the great capabilities of AzureDevOps Services.

Azure Marketplace
Azure DevOps: 1 Hour Briefing

DevOps brings together people, processes, and technology, automating software delivery to provide continuous value to your users. Using Azure DevOps, you can deliver software faster and more reliably.

Azure Marketplace